August 18, 2017 12:00 am


    Last Year (2016) 28th August
    Present Year (2017) 18th August
    Next Year (2018) 07th September

    Paryushana “abiding, coming together”

    Paryushan Parva is celebrated to make the soul pure and get rid of a distracted world. Word Paryushan is of two words pari means all kinds or to suppress and ushan  means to shed all Karmas or anger, ego. The celebration is done afar from history and also without any discrimination of high and low or poor and rich or old and young. This is also called as “chaturmaasa” as rainy season is just 4 months away .The duration of Paryusana is for eight days for Swetambar Janis and ten days for Janis belonging to the Digambara sect. Paryusana is a time when the laity takes on vows of study and fasting with a spiritual intensity similar to temporary monasticism. The main aim of Paryashan is to attain salvation; self purification and have ideal soul to feel the 10 universal virtues in their daily life.It is in recite Kalpa Sūtra means the birth of Mahavir on 5th day.  It gives description of men and women who got moksha in period of eras of Neminatha and Mahavira. There are two festival celebrated in Paryashan which aims the same:

    1. Paryushan Parva
    2. Dash Lakshan Parva

    Celebration: On this day, fasting is done for 30 days with great zeal and enthusiasm. There are 2 sections which kept fasting in their own ways:

    1. In Digambara sect, people take food and water once in a day and continue for 30 days.
    2. In Swetambar sect, people take only boiled water only at a time of between sunset and sunrise.

    The good thing in Jainism is pregnant women, children, diabetic or nay other medicated patients prohibited from fasting.


    Jain prefer to do meditation called as Pratikramana (“turning back”) Samayika (“ spiritual journey”)  for 8-10 days in morning time(around 5:45 AM) for peace. The festival makes one feel 10 universal virtues in one day. At the end of Paryushana , annual pratikramana is done. Its includes Samayika, Chauvisantho (5 supremes prayers) , Vandana (master’s prayer), Pratikramana (reflection),  Kayotsarga(not attachment of body) and Pratyakhyana (resolution). With this people listen too holy sermons of saints to achieve peace, happiness and wanted to adapt ‘live and let live” motto.