March 20, 2016



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    Present Year (2016)  Sunday, March 20
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    You all might have heard about the most popular celebration of the Christian religion which is celebrated as a day when Jesus entered Jerusalem before the Crucifixion.  This Holy Day obligation is a final Sunday of Lent.  This festival is known among the people worldwide and is often referred to as a ‘Passion Sunday’ that marks the beginning of the Holy Week which concludes on another Christian Festival known as Easter Sunday.

    The event starts by carrying the leaves of palms and other branches according to the Gospels. The story behind this festival is that the followers of Jesus covered his path in palm fronds on the day he entered Jerusalem, after the custom of placing palms in the path of a high-ranking person.

    You might be surprised that why palm is used as a triumphal procession? Well, the reason behind this is the palm branch also signified victory in Greco-Roman times, so in many churches worldwide congregants twist palms into the shape of a cross to commemorate the day or use other branches if palms are not easily accessible. This festival is associated with the Ash Wednesday. The palms burned on the day of Palm Sunday are saved to use on the fest of Ash Sunday.  On the day of Palm Sunday, People honor Jesus verbally and even throw down their cloaks on the path where Jesus rode as an act of homage and submission.

    At the times of Palm Sunday Mass, palms are distributed to parishioners who carry them in a ritual procession into the church.  After the ceremony these may be returned to the church or one can keep them for the year. As we know that Palms associated with this festival holds religious sentiments so these should not be discarded as trash. Red and white color symbolizes the colors of Palm Sunday.