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    September 29, 2021

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     Church in Leeds, UK

    Last Year (2015) Tuesday, September 29,
    Present Year (2016) Thursday, September 29,
    Next Year (2017) Friday, September 29,


    The feast of Michael and all Angels is known worldwide as Michaelmas.    This is the most popular fest of Christians that gives an opportunity to teach the doctrine of the Church concerning God’s holy angels.  This is celebrated on 29th September in order to make us remind the richness and variety of God’s creation far exceeds our knowledge of it.  As per the earlier history, there were many churches that were dedicated in the honour of Michael since he is the only archangel named in Scripture.   Well, most of the times the holy Scriptures speak of created intelligences rather than humans  who worship God in heaven and acts as his messengers and agents on earth.

    This is not the end, in the Hebrew Scriptures; it has been reportedly occasionally that there was someone who saw a man who spoke to him with authority. Later on it was realised that there were no man but it was the messenger of God.

    Through this fest we have a belief in Super-human rational created beings, either resembling men in appearance or taking human appearance when they are to communicate with us.   Well, with the changing times moreover, at the times of the Christ, the belief of Jewish popular included number of specifics about angels, with names for many of them. There were thought to be four archangels, named Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel.

    Michael, ‘Who is like God?’ is the captain of the heavenly armies, Gabriel ‘God is my Champion’ is thought of as the special bearer of messages from god to men.  Raphael ‘God Heals’ is mentioned in the Apocrypha, in the book of Tobit, where, disguised as a man, he accompanies the young man is thought by many scholars that the seven lamps of Revelation.

    Therefore, the celebration is the value to us remembering the Holy Angels that appears to excel us in both knowledge and power.  Moreover, they remind us that among the various created things, we as humans are not the top of the heap.