Makar Sankranti


    January 15, 2016

    Makar Sankranti

    Last Year (2015) 15th January
    Present Year (2016) 15th January
    Next Year (2017) 14th January


    Makar Sankranti  is a highly propitious Hindu festival celebrated in India with different names in different parts of the country. This festival falls on the same day of every year and celebrated as the Harvest festival by the different community and culture, people.The day is believed to mark the end of winter and the arrival of the spring season in India.

     When is it celebrated?

    It is celebrated on the January 14th  and sometimes on 15th January of every year from east to west and north to south India with a different name.It is believed equal day and night on this day just because it falls on the Equinox .

    How It Is Celebrated?

    Different community people with a different region of the country, celebrate it in their own customs and traditions. In north India, it is known as Sakraat or Khichdi where people take a head bath in river and pond in the early morning and eat  Til-Gul Laddos which is Indian regional sweets famous in north India and celebrated the good harvest crops. Whereas in west India it is a festival of Kites and known as Uttarayan, they await for this day and Kite’s Fight feast is organized, in south India, it is celebrated as a four-day festival which is known as Pongal.

    There are lots of stories behind the Celebration of  Sankranti and one of the famous ones is on this day God Surya (SUN) visits his son palace and lord Shani who is the rivals of Lord Surya and the rulers of Makar Rashi get together for new beginnings and forget their bitterness for each other.

    On this day Holly river Ganga is brought by King Bhagirath to earth and provide the Moksha to his 60 000 Sons of Maharaj Sagar, so for the sake of Moksha Hindus get holy dip in the river Ganga , and it is also believed that if you Die during Makar Sankranti then you will go directly to Heaven.