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    Lammas is one of the most popular first fruit and a kind of Christian feast which is celebrated to commemorate the funeral; games of Lugh, Celtic god of light, and son of the Sun. It is most popularly known as the Wheel of the Year.  Many people believe that on this day the Sun God transfers his power into the grains and is sacrificed when the grain is harvested.

    The story behind this gives us an idea that, for the growth, survival and happiness of his people the God of the harvest with dying, sacrificing and resurrecting nature dies.

    The feast of Lammas marks the beginning of the harvest and people on this go to the Church to thanks god.  The religious service is associated at the hearts of the Lammas celebration, and the bread is made from the first flour of the harvest.  It is a festival which is celebrated by all the farmers when the fruits of their labor harvest.    The fest of Lammas means a festival of loaf mass which generally represents the first loaves baked from that year’s crop.

    Well, this is one of an ancient Christian religion festival that involves many religious activities. Here, when the crop is harvested, a seed grain is saved to planting next year’s crop, with a belief that the sun god may be seen to rise again in spring with the new green shoots, as the sun also rises in the sky.

    In order to Thank God and to take his blessings people take their part of the crop to Church and lay that on the altar.   With great and pomp Christian farmers, celebrate this festival and perform many different activities such as they create and decorate ritual items, walk through the woods to spend some time meditating in beautiful surroundings. Moreover, it’s a time for bread-making and corn-dollies. A number of things that are associated with Lammas include Trees like Hazel and Gorse and herbs are Sage and Meadowsweet and in colors, it includes gold, yellows and orange for the God and red for the Goddess as a mother.