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    January 14, 2020

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    Last Year (2015)       14 January
    Present Year (2016)       14 January
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    Khichdi is a major festival in North India which is a form of Makara Sakranti and is celebrated merrily all over our country. This day is same as Uttrayan. The Khichdi festival is generally celebrated in the regions of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. A special dish, Khichdi, which consists of different grains such as rice and pulses is made and served to people. Khichdi signifies different transition of sun from different sankrants to makar sankrant. The new weather signifies newness and commencement of new era. It is mostly the celebration of the harvest of Rabi Crops. 

    When It Is Celebrated?

    Khichdi is celebrated at same day every year that is 15th January. Khichdi is celebrated in a bit different ways from other festivals in India as it does not depend on Hindu calendar. This festival signifies commencement of the journey of Sun from south to north.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    Khichdi is celebrated by preparing special dish called, Khichdi which is made using different grains such as rice and pulses and is offered the God of Sun – Surya. Servings of Khichdi and also donation of woollen clothes is also done to poor people. Many of people also take sacred bath in holy rivers of Sangam (consisting of Ganga, Yamuna ad Saraswati). The belief of taking bath in such river is again related to the process of attaining Moksha. The main food item which is distributed and is consumed on a very large scale is Til Laddus. The other delicacies are Gur (Jaggery) and Chura (Beaten rice). The women of communities in state of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh prepare the meals together. The khichdi is consumed along with its four companions –chokha (boiled vegetable) ,ghee (clarified butter) , papad (disc shaped light food) and pickles.