Jain’s Puja and Celebration


    May 26, 2020

    Jain’s Puja and Celebration

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    Jain word came from Sanskrit word “JIN” stands for victor that means one who win upon anger, pride, fascinate and cupidity. And Jainism are the followers of Jin. According to Jainism, puja is considered to be ritual worship Jineshwar which provide harmony and peace.

    Different types of rituals:

    There are 2 types of rituals which is followed in Jainism:

    1. Daily Puja
    2. Special or Purva Puja
    3. Daily Puja:

    It is considered to be daily worship of idol as a habitat with offering 8 folds as each has its own significance:

    • Jal Puja: Jal means “water” which symbolizes ocean of birth , life and death with aim of honesty, love, truth towards all human beings. This help to cross the bridge of Ocean.
    • Chandan Puja: Chandan means “Sandal-wood” which represents right knowledge of reality of relationship, Liberation and direction to choose the right path.
    • Pushpa Puja: Pushpa means “Flower” which represents to beauty and fragrance of kind and love to all living beings without prejudicial treatment.
    • Dhup Puja: Dhup means “Incense or scent” represents austere life as to live a non selfish life by spreading fragrance of kindness.
    • Deepak Puja: Deepak means “Candle” which aim for the purity of soul with non violence, truth, self denial. Pure soul is known as Siddha(God) .
    • Akshat Puja: Akshat means “rice” which is said to be last birth and it aims for life with liberation after the end of life.
    • Naivedya Puja: Naivedya stands for “Sweet” which symbolizes tasty food and this aims for deattachement with favorite foods as healthy foods are more important for survival.
    • Fal puja: Fal means “Fruit” which represents liberation, aims for performing one’s duty without any expectations or reward.
    1. Special or Purva puja:
    • Snatra Mahotsav or snatra Puja: Ceremony represents bathing of new Tirthankars and worshipping with various favorable items like songs, music and dance. This puja is done daily in most jain temples.
    • Panch Kalyanak Puja : this is celebrated tfor the 5 kalayanaks or events of Jineshwar’s life. These are Chyavan kalyanak(conception), Janma kalyanak (birth), Diksha kalyanak (renunciation), Kevalgyan kalyanak (omniscience) and Moksha kalyanak (soul’s freedom).
    • Antaraya Karma Puja: this puja includes the pure water, herbs etc for the removal of interference of obstacles.
    • Navapada Puja: it aims to achieve Gyan, Siddhas, Acharyas, Charitrya, Arihantas, Darshan, Sadhus, apa and Upadhayas.
    • Vastu Puja: aims to have positivity in home and soul.
    • Navvanu Prakari Puja: aim to praise the goodness.