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    December 28, 2018


    Last Year (2016) December 29
    Present Year (2017) December 28
    Next Year (2018) December 28


    India is famous for celebrating every event in such a manner that it encourages people to visit India to become a part of each festival.  Though all the religions in India, occupies a central position, however Christians are the ones that are famous for celebrating each of their festivals with great fervour and enthusiasm.  Holy Innocent is the most popular event of Christians that is celebrated in the Churches in the West and East on 28th and 29th December.  The idea of celebrating this festival is to commemorate the massacre of children by King Herod in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus.

    Well, earlier the festival of Holy innocent was celebrated along with Epiphany, however, from the    5th Century; it was kept as a separate festival. This event is known as “the slaughter of the Innocents.   With the changing times,   there come many new names for this event.  In different parts of the world, it is known by different names like ‘Childermas’ etc.

    This festival is celebrated   as per the rituals and customs of the Christian community.  Children perform many different roles and many of the customs associated help children to choose their roles.  Not only this, all these customs encourage activities that reverse power and authority between the older and younger generations. The day of Holy Innocent is the most popular and interesting Christmas traditions which are celebrated by all Christians around the globe.  Everyone takes part in the festival to play practical jokes. What makes this festival more special are, it’s most widespread jokes.

    Many people believe that the idea behind celebrating this fest is to remind young people of the sufferings of Bethlehem’s Innocents, most folklorists’ view this practice as a remnant of an old, pre-Christian custom intended to drive out evil spirits, ill health, or other harmful forces.