Holika Dahan


    March 23, 2016

    Holika Dahan

    Last Year (2015) 5th March
    Present Year (2016) 23th March
    Next Year (2017) 12th March


    Holi Dahan is a Hindu festival which is also known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Deepak ,which is celebrated by burning the devil Holika to save the Prahlad who is the son of demon king Hiranyakashyap and a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. The people celebrates the death of devil Holika in the next morning and known as the Holi , festival of colour.

    When is it celebrated?

    It is celebrated on the night before the Holi which is known as Pradosh Kaal which starts after the sunset during the Purnimasi Tithi as the Bhadra prevails and all good work should be ignored during this period.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    The days before the Holi people start collecting wood, combustible materials at one place for the preparing the pyre for a bonfire in parks, society, community centers,outside temples and other open places. On the top of  the pyre, the statue is put to signify Devil Holika who tricked her brother’s son  Prahalad into the fire. People prepares festivals foods such as mathri, gujiya, and malpuas with other regional delicacies foods items.

    People bring roasted jau (Barley) to their house by burning the raw jau in the bonfire of Holika during the Holika Dahan, it is the myth that all the negative energy and power of house gets destroy with Holika. There is an another tradition of offering new clothes to the devil Holika when any woman gives birth to their child. Later on, this clothes are given to the priests or Pandits of a region.

    After the sunset, the pyre of Holika is lit, which is known as Holika Dahan , which symbolizes the vanquishment of good over bad or evil. People dance and sing around the bonfire and also perform the revolution around bonfire known as parikrama.