March 24, 2016


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    Holi is a major Hindu festivals of India, which is celebrated with exuberance and gaiety on Phagun Purnima (full moon day) in the Hindu Calendar of Phalgun months which comes in  month of February and March. Holi is the festival of colours and celebrated with different names in different states in different traditions. But, what makes the festival Holi so special and unique is the spirit of it enthusiasm which remains the unchanged throughout the country and across the globe.

    When is it celebrated?

    It is a two day festivals of sharing love with colours which begins on the Phagun Purnima, which falls somewhere between in the months of February and March of the english Gregorian calendar. Holi’s first day is known as Chhoti Holi or Holika Dahan and the second day is known as Rangwali Holi, Dhulandi, Dhulivandan and Dhuleti,.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    Holi is the Hindu cultural and religious festival which has become popular among non-Hindus communities in many parts of country and outside the country. The celebrations of festival  start with a Holika Dahan (bonfire) a night before Holi, where people congregate for religious rituals in front of the Holika Dahan (bonfire) and pray that their internal villainous will be destroyed as the bonfire starts . The morning is celebrated as Rangwali Holi known as colourful Holi , in which participants play and throw colour, and chase to each other to enjoy the festival of joy and happiness with  the dry  and coloured water, and they carry water guns and throws water coloured filled balloons to each other . Everyone enjoys the festival with enthusiasm. The frolic and happily fight  played fairly in the streets, parks, outside buildings and temples. A groups of  people carry drums and musical instruments move from place to place while singing and dancing. On this day people visit theirs friends and family house to enjoy the festival of colours and share theirs delicacies food . Some people drinks  intoxicating Bhang on this day to enjoy the ecstasy of Bhang (cannabis leaves) with colours. In the evening people dress up and wish Happy Holi to theirs family and friends.