Good Friday

    Christian cross necklace on Holy Bible book, Jesus religion concept as good friday or easter festival


    August 15, 2018

    Last Year (2015) April 3rd
    Present Year (2016) March 25th
    Next Year (2017) April  14th

    India is a land of cultural diversity and it gives a message of ‘Unity in Diversity’.  It is a place where people from different parts of the world reside and celebrate various festivals and events   with an idea to make their country an incredible India.  From an endless list of festivals, Good Friday is one of a religious holiday which is popularly known as Great Friday and is observed by Christians during the Holy Week as a part of the Paschal Triduum.   The significance of this festival is that it is celebrated on Friday that comes before Easter Sunday.  Jesus Christ died on the cross on this day and it gives a message that ‘an eye for an eye’ cannot work. In the remembrance of the death of Jesus this is a day of mourning.   All the ceremonies and rituals that are performed based on the feeling of sorrow and remind us the times when and how Jesus underwent pain and humiliation. The death of the Jesus give us a message that the only reason to win the hearts of people is through good deeds, non-violate actions and love.

    With an idea to conquer evil, devotes perform many prayers and do fasts.  In many churches, devotees pray before cross and kiss it.  The ceremony lasts for three hours and it involves distributing sweets to needy. Moreover, with a message of humanity, it encourages people to contribute in charitable deeds as much as they can.

    Most important is the Church bells are not rung on this day and in many churches the pictures are hung highlighting the Jesus’ life, reciting prayers meanwhile people sing hymns.

    Not only in India, this occasion is celebrated in different way worldwide however, the main essence remains the same.   It is not just a holiday to take rest from work, centuries ago the services and object of Good Friday is to make people experienced the pain that Jesus experienced.   This three hours ceremony includes reading passages from the Gospel by the priest with a few minutes of silent meditation and hymns. After all this, the service ends with the journey to the cross.

    Each Church has its own way of celebrating the event of Good Friday.   In some parts it commemorates key events denoting his final walk through the streets, carrying the Cross.

    The entire ceremony that lasts from three hours makes us remember our sins.  It is a somber day and till the Easter day the real celebrations of Jesus resurrection does not take place.   For the Catholic countries, this is one of the most auspicious day and is a time when pilgrims head out from the pilgrimages with kites to signify the importance of Cross. Though people believe in fasting, but the food plays an important role and is taken only one time.

    To celebrate Good Friday, come to India and experience the cultural traditions while paying homage to Jesus Christ.