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    Like various other festivals, the people of India celebrate all the festivals regardless of the religion giving a message of the secular state.  The population of India comprises people of all religions and is considered to be a land of different traditions, culture and languages.  Talking about the Christians, half of the majority of Indian population is comprised of Christians.  Like many other festivals of Christianity, Epiphany is one of the most popular festivals that are celebrated with great pomp and show annually around the globe.  There comes a holiday on this day and it marks two events according to the Christian Bible.   It comprises the first event of Jesus Christ’s life when the three wise men, or kings, visited infant Jesus. Secondly, the time when St John the Baptist baptised Jesus.

    The Epiphany celebration takes place 12 days after Christmas.  This festival not only marks the end of the Christmas holidays, however, also the start of the Carnival season, which climaxes with Mardi Gras. The Christian holiday of Epiphany is observed as the date when the three Wise Men visited the baby Jesus.

    It is one of the oldest feasts of the Christian religion and is in practice at the end of the second century.   In various churches, you will get to see many paintings artworks and sketches that show you the three wise men and Jesus. The liturgical colour for the Epiphany season is white.

    In order to depict the real story, children dressed up as the three kings and visit houses.   They act as their characters and sings about the Jesus’ birth and pay homage to the “king of kings”. In order to encourage children, they are awarded cookies.