March 27, 2016

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    Present Year (2016) March 27 th
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    Among the various Christian Festivals, Easter is one of the most important occasions of Christians that is celebrated to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Well, talking about Easter, then it is a combination of two old pagan festivals, ‘Ostara’ and ‘Ishtar’.  This occasion is celebrated round the Jewish Passover festival when the Jesus died.  Easter is a very busy time for the Christians and the celebration of Easter lasts for a long time.

    In India, Easter is celebrated with the great fervour and enthusiasm, marking the beginning of spring season.  As India is a land of cultural diversity, therefore here people always plan and organize each gala in an exciting manner.   The festival of Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday on the first full moon.  People prepare cakes and light up their homes in order to bask in the glory of the festivals.  Various street plays, dance shows add more spark and make the event jubilant.

    People in India; celebrate each festival with a spirit of togetherness, respect, and honour as well as with the same solemnization as they enjoy other festivals.


    As written in Christian Bible, Easter Sunday in India dates back to the pre-independence period. The root of Easter was laid at the times of British rule and with the changing times it keeps on growing during Portuguese and French possession.  Many cities in India like Goa, Mumbai, and Northern eastern states organize special events to narrate the sufferings of Jesus Christ to make people familiar with the significance of the Festival.

    Among the number of things that makes the festival more exciting are Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies.  At the times of Easter, you can easily get these attractions on the various stores along with chocolate cakes, flowers, colourful lanterns and more.   The exotic beaches of Goa make the celebrations of Easter more joyous.  In Goa, all the churches are decorated and are flocked by innumerable devotees.

    Among the various activities, one of the most enthusiastic activities is to participate in the ‘way of the Cross’. The possession of Easter is accompanied by a band which plays music and songs to signify the importance of Easter.

    According to a survey, the Indian Continent constitutes a minuscule 2.5 % of Christians and the celebration of each occasion with pomp and show makes India a home of many rich cultures and traditions.  Huge numbers of Christians gather at churches to wish Easter to all and to take the blessings of almighty to confess their sins and forgiven.

    The wonderful carnivals, Easter gifts, and presents are presented to create a peaceful religious harmony among all despite their religion, colour and creeds. Like other festivals in India, the day of Easer has occupied an important and most significant place and is famous for culminating an observance called Lent.  The celebration of Easter in different streets of Goa is worth watching.