Dev Uthani Ekadashi


    October 31, 2017

    Dev Uthani Ekadashi

    Last Year (2016) November 10th
    Present Year (2017) October 31st
    Next Year (2018) November 19th

    Dev Uthani Ekadashi is also known as Prabodhini Ekadashi and Devutthana Ekadashi. It is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Hindus believed that on this day Lord Vishnu had woken up after four months Yoga Nidra and with this the Chaturmaas end which is also a period of four months. Some people also believes that on this day Shaligram married to Tulsi, so the day is marked as a very auspicious day for marriages according to Hindu religion.

    When Is It Celebrated?

    Dev Uthani Ekadashi is observed in the month of Kartik according to the traditional Hindu calendar. The vrat is observed on the Ekadashi i.e 11th day during the waxing phase of the moon or Shukla Paksha.  It usually falls n the month of October or November as per the Gregorian calendar.

    How It Is Celebrated?

    It is believed that the consort of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi was unhappy with the way Lord Vishnu went into cosmic sleep. He remained awakened for some days and then slept continuously for several days. Hence, Goddess Lakshmi went to Lord Vishnu to complain about this indiscipline. She informed him that many lords, such as Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva, Devas, and Saints, have to wait for many days to meet him and returned disappointed. Moreover, demons are taking huge advantage of Lord Vishnu’s this situation. They are causing pain to human beings and spreading Adharma on earth.

    On hearing this, Lord Vishnu replied that he would soon find out a solution for this situation. Meanwhile, the Devas and Saints inform Lord Vishnu about the robbery of the Vedas by a Demon Shankhyayan. After fighting for several days with Demon Shankhyayan, Lord Vishnu was successful in getting the Vedas back and he returned the Vedas back to Goddess Lakshmi, Devas, and Saints. And then he decided to continue with Yoga Nidra only for four months. This Yoga Nidra started from Ashadha Shuddha Ekadashi and ends on Kartik Shuddha Ekadashi, which is also known Dev Uthani Ekadashi.

    In dedication to Lord Vishnu, various pujas and prayers are carried on this day. Tulsi Vivah Festival and Shaligram Puja rituals also performed. Several devotees observe Ekadashi vrat, as they believe that they would be able to get rid of their sins(Apradh) and attain Moksha.

    Fast completes after sunrise on next day. It is necessary to break the fast within Dwadashi Tithi. Not breaking fast within Dwadashi is similar to an offense.

    Ekadashi fasting is also observed for two days. Smartha with family observe fasting on the first day only and the other Ekadashi fasting, which is the second one, is suggested for widows, Sanyasis, and for those who want Moksha. Ekadashi fasting on both days is advised for staunch devotees who seek for love and affection of Lord Vishnu.