Deep Diwali


    November 14, 2016

    Deep Diwali(Dev Diwali)

    Last Year (2015) 25th November
    Present Year (2016) 14st November
    Next Year (2017) 3rd November

    As Diwali ,Dev Deepavali,splendor of lamps as it is kartik poornima festival falls on the full moon night as in Hindu religion but occurs 15 days after Diwali. This festival is known to be “new year of your life” as it brings faiths and fun to life Diwali is a nocturnal celebration not only celebrated by  Hindus but also by Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains.

    History of celebration:

    For jains, Diwali remarks for the anniversary of Moksha by Mahavir-swami in 527 BC.Nirvana Kalyanak, Jap of Lord Mahavir, Gautam Swami, the chief Ganadhar did true worship of Lord Mahavir on this day. He was filled with omniscience knowledge and in the absence of Mahavir Swami, he morned so much that his soul got free from Karmas bondages.

    Tradition of Celebration:-

    Houses are cleaned and painted and decorated with oil lamps. Swetambar Jains observe fasting during the three days of Diwali. Temples are decorated with diyas, lamps. For children, Diwali meant new clothes, delicious sweets and food and moreover holidays from school.At night, devotees gather on the Ganga ghats to watch the aarti which is performed by 21 Brahmin priests and 24 girls. The main highlight is performance by devotees consist of kartik snan and deepdan to Ganga in the evening.  Jains light lamps which symbolize the light of God Mahavir’s knowledge alive. Celebration indicates for austerity, simplicity, serenity, equity, calmness, charity, philanthropy and environment-consciousness.

    In Jainism, fire crackers are not exploded. They void colossal violence. Lets end and celebrate this deep diwali with jain prayers of forgiveness not for almighty God but for those who were harmed!