May 26, 2016


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    As the history of Catholic King, the history and origin of Corpus Christi in Granada are particularly interesting.  In the honour of the presence of the body of Christ in the holy water, Corpus Christi is the Catholic holiday is organised.  It is celebrated in the different parts of the world and its date varies from May to June as per the Easter occurs.  In order to figure out when the fiesta is set to begin in towns and villages throughout Andalucia, you must look for the first Thursday after Trinity Sunday.

    In today’s time, it is still typical to carpet the streets of towns and villages with greenery for the solemn Corpus Christi processions. This not only adds spark but also adds a special ambience to the processions. Local authorities are attracted along with the military personal as well.

    Talking about the origin, the festival of ‘Corpus Christi’ is Latin for ‘the body of Christ’. There are many places, where this festival is not only with a Mass, however, also with a procession that carries the consecrated wafer through the streets as a public statement that the sacrifice of Christ was for the salvation of the whole world.

    The notable facts about the festival of Corpus Christi are that Christians already mark the Last Supper, when Christ instituted the Eucharist, on Maundy Thursday (the day before Good Friday). The celebration of the fest includes triumphant liturgical procession which involves the-the sacred host (the wafer that has been consecrated during the Mass) is carried out of the Church “for the Christian faithful to make a public profession of faith and worship of the Most Blessed Sacrament”. The procession moves through local streets, either to another church or back to the church where it began.