November 20, 2016


    Last Year (2016) November 20
    Present Year (2017) November 26
    Next Year (2018) November 25


    The day of Christ the King is celebrated as a Catholic feast to make people remind of that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the Universe, in the form of God as well as man.  In all the Churches of Roman Catholic, the festival is celebrated in the honour of the Jesus and he is considered as the lord of all creation.   This feast was established by Pope Pius XI in 1925 and celebrated on the last Sunday in October.  Earlier in 1925, Pius XI announced the feast in his encyclical Quas Primas, which was delivered on December 11. As such, it is a moveable feast; the date changes every year.    One of the most popular Christian fervour is celebrated by some Protestant denominations including Anglicans and Lutherans and officially called the Feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King.

    The feast of Christ the King is organised before the beginning of the Advent.  It is a festival of climax and conclusion of the Church’s liturgical journey through the life of Christ and the Gospel message.  This day also provides an appropriate bridge to the new Church year that starts the following Sunday on the first Sunday of Advent, which gives an emphasis on hope and expectation, the longing for the coming of the Kingdom of God amid the darkness of a sinful world.

    Christ the King Sunday is considered to be the final Sunday of liturgical years of the churches that use the Revised Common Lectionary.  This day is also famous as the Sunday of Doom.

    With an idea to give an introductory overview of the journey of the life of the Jesus Christ, Scripture and songs are used.   The celebration gives us the message that God is with us through all the seasons of life.