Copy of typical catholic image of Jesus Christ from Slovakia by painter Zabateri.


    January 10, 2016


    Last Year (2015)  January 11, Sunday
    Present Year (2016)  January 10, Sunday
    Next Year (2017)  

    Have you heard about the baptism of Jesus before? Well, this is one of the most popular and auspicious occasion of Christians that is celebrated every year in the month of January, on the banks of the Jordan River recalled the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry.

    The feast of Baptism of Jesus commemorates Christ’s act of humility.  It was started with a message to teach the path of conversion to the people.  Today, devotees and followers of Jesus Christ celebrate this event as an opportunity to renew their commitment as Christians and the children of God.

    The celebration of this day involves many different activities moreover; the path that leads to the site of Baptism is surrounded by minefields.     People gather at the river bank and touch the water and sometimes bring it to their homes too to purify their place.   To bring people to repentance and faith in God, the day of Baptism of Jesus is celebrated to make people familiar with the teachings of Jesus.

    The feast of Baptism is the time when we might ask ourselves that why Jesus would allow himself to be baptized by John the Baptist.  Moreover, what are the practical applications might we make in our own lives.

    As we all know that Jesus is the sinless one and he had no need to make himself baptized.  The reason why he baptized is to make himself known to the people. Secondly, by being baptized Jesus identifies himself with the very people that he has come to save.

    This fest is the way to let people identify their own self. In today’s culture, there are many people who find difficult to figure out their purpose of living on this earth. A cloud of laziness hangs over many people as they also strive to find direction for their lives.

    So we can say the Baptism of Jesus showed them the path to find out the meaning, purpose and direction of their lives.