April 13, 2016


    Last Year (2015) April 14, Tuesday
    Present Year (2016) April 13, Wednesday
    Next Year (2017) April 13, Thursday


    India is known for its celebrations and major events throughout the year. Baisakhi is one of the most important festivals of Punjab which is celebrated all around the globe marking the commencement of the Solar Year.  This is celebrated in the month of April as a day when the holy Khalsa was established.  In Punjab, people celebrate this fest as a New Year and pray to God for blessing them with a good harvest.  In the Sikh religion, the fervor of Baisakhi occupies an important place as it has a historic background that on this auspicious day Guru Gobind Singh Ji established Khalsa Panth. A special accent of this festival makes this an exciting event and is considered as a seasonal fest among the people.


    It is the time of celebrations when farmers harvest crops and gather them and exult in the fulfilment of their year’s hard work.  A merry-making with full gusto is joined by all the farmers of the Punjab.

    With a tremendous religious significance, a day of Baisakhi is celebrated under different names and the different set of rituals and celebrations.   With full exuberance and devotion, the festival is celebrated by all the Punjabis.  The day begins by taking a bath in the holy river to mark the auspicious occasion.

    Numerous activities such as tradition dancing, enjoying fair, and folk music are performed to make the festival of Baisakhi en everlasting memory.   In the entire state of the Punjab, the Melas are organised and people visit to enjoy the traditional and cultural aspects of the Baisakhi.

    From dancing to singing, various adventurous activities are conducted in the Baisakhi fair along with acrobatics, races, dance performances, and wrestling bouts. Amazing crafts and the stalls of mouth-watering dishes add more joy to the fest.

    In the morning hours, devotees visit Gurudwara near them to be a part of the special prayers that are offered to the Almighty.  Once they get done with the prayers, a Kadha Parshad is distributed among the devotees.

    During the mid of the day, Guru Granth Sahib Ji is taken out for Nagar Kirtan as per the Sikh rituals. Every Year people eagerly look forward to observing the day of Baisakhi with extreme enthusiasm.  This much-awaited event of Baisakhi is considered as a very important occasion in India for various reasons.