April 13, 2016


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    Present Year (2016) 13th April
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    Ayambil, Jaina external tapa, a 9 days festival marks for purity of mind, body and soul. People keep fasting to uplift spiritual achievement of victory to shed karmic bondage. During these days, they revere the Nav-pads, namely Arihant, Siddha, Acharya, Upadhyay, Sadhu, Gyan, Darshan, Charitra and Tappa.According to community and strength Ayambil are of three types: a single ĀYAMBIL fast, the nine-day ĀYAMBIL OLI and the NAVPAD OLI.

    Aim of festival: this festival aims that life is not only for eating but food is taken only to maintain the life. Jainism avoid dairy products as it involves cruelty of artificially impregnated cows and calf who are immediately separated from mother, evenly male calf are killed in younger age.

    As every day has its own aim which are as follows:

    1. Arihant Pad: that aims for the conquering the inner enemies like anger, ego, duplicity
    2. Siddha Pad: Siddha posted in the top of SIDDHACHAKRA YANTRA and considered to be supreme power of nature aims to be the purest soul without the body and external joy and happiness.
    3. Acharya Pad: placed in the right side of Arihant in Siddhachakra Yantra aims to observe and motivate monks and nuns for five spiritual conducts Jnyanachara, Darshanachara, Charitrachara, Tapachara and Veeryachara.
    4. Upadhyay Pad: it is placed in the lower side of Arihant in Siddhachakra Yantra and aims for academic activities in The Sangha
    5. Sadhu Pad: As placed in the left side of Arihant in Siddhachakra Yantra and aims for practices austerity and self punishment and lives under discipline of Acharya and Upadhyaya.
    6. Samyag Darshan: aims for right thinking
    7. Samyag Jhan: It is for the right knowledge and wisdom.
    8. Samyag Charitra: it means right conduct to attain salvation.
    9. Samyag Tappa: it refers to austerity to abstain from widely desires.


    Fasting is done with eating of only tasteless foods in enough quantity of survival and the food once in a day which do not contain or cooked with VIGAI (taste) as VIGAi is considered to be house of enemy can be consumed. In food preparation, one can use roasted salt, Pepper, dry Ginger (soonth), Asafetida (hing) and Peepramul or ganthoda. Boiled water is consumed till the sunset. Special Ayambil food (dry foods) is available in the market during this fest. They also pray, worship and meditate for Arihant.  Ayambil (fast) gives  energy to fight with any diseases and keeps us physically fit.





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