May 5, 2016


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    Present Year (2016) Thursday, May 5
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    One of the most important Christian festivals, the Ascension day is celebrated all over the world marking the last appearance of Lord Jesus Christ to his followers after his resurrection at Easter.  Many people celebrate this exactly 40 days after Easter; others celebrate the following Sunday. Ascension Sunday is a good time to remind ourselves of this life-changing good news. Many people take a long weekend off because the day falls on a Thursday and take part in the special services that are organised by many churches across the country.

    Most of the times, people called this day ‘Father Day in Germany’ due to the reason that many Protestant men have herrenpartien “outings” on this day. The day starts when people go out to the woods at 3am or 4am to hear the chirpings of the birds at sunrise.   Many people believe that is really a good luck if you got a chance to hear cuckoo from east to west.

    Different countries have their own way of celebrations; well talking about England Ascension Day is associated with various water festivals ranging from Well Dressing in Derbyshire to the Planting of the “Penny Hedge” at Whitby, a small town in Yorkshire.  With the changing times, people have started walking around their farms, manorial, church or civil boundaries pausing as they pass certain trees, walls and hedges that denote the extent of the boundary to exclaim, pray and ritually ‘beat’ particular landmarks with sticks. The history of this fest dates back to 68, which shows that this is one of the earliest Christian Festivals.

    Processions that symbolise Christ’s entry into heaven are included in the Ascension Day celebrations. Ascension Day is associated with wishes for peace and prosperity moreover; Wheat is kept in the house throughout the coming year as a symbol of prosperity.