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    November 1, 2021

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    Last Year (2015) Sunday, November 1
    Present Year (2016) Tuesday, November 1
    Next Year (2017) Wednesday, November 1


    The festival of All Saints Day is the most auspicious day of Catholics that is celebrated annually in the month of November.  This day is the organised in the honour of the various saints of the Churches, who have attended heaven.  Generally, it is a feast of all the Christians who do not have any special fest of their own.   Most of the times, people call this festival ‘All Hallows Tide or Day’.

    People around the globe celebrate this occasion by bringing flowers to the graves of dead relatives.  Each country has its own customs and traditions and the way they celebrate this day differs from one another.  The countries like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Austra, Poland, Philipines organise this day in the memory of all the saints.

    As there is one more event in the Christian religion similar to All Saints day, i.e All Souls day. Sometimes people get confused with both the days.  Both these days are closely tied and All Souls’ Day is dedicated to the prayers of the dead who are not yet glorified.

    As per the different rules according to the national bishop’s conferences, All Saints Day begins with a vigil, the observance of which originated with the Antioch Church.  In the night hours, All Saints are devoted to prayer and fasting.

    The celebration of this event includes joyful family gatherings at local cemeteries and parades exhibiting elaborate wreaths, seasonal flowers, and macabre effigies of skeletons.   The day of All Saint Day makes people thank God for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  There are many symbols that are closely associated with this fest includes a sheaf of wheat, Rayed Manus Dei (hand of God), the crown and images of individual Saints.