Aanvla Navami


    Starts in 3 Months, 1 Day

    November 17, 2018 12:00 am

    Aanvla Navami

    Last Year (2016) November 8th
    Present Year (2017) October 28th  
    Next Year (2018) November 17th


    Aanvla Navami is popular by the name of Akshaya navami which is celebrated by women for the welfare of their family.  During the celebrations, daan punaya is done by the observers. This festival is dedicated to Aawla (gooseberry). On this day, women perform puja and offer prayers to the Awala tree and eat under the tree. The Padma Purana and Skanda Purana describe the greatness of Awala tree. It is believed that Satya Yuga Began on the day of Aanvla Navami.

    When It Is Celebrated?

    The prosperous day of Aanvla Navami is performed on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Kartik Month (October – November).  There is a belief is that during the month of Kartik, gods and sages settle on the Awala tree. So, worshipping Awala during these days is helpful to destroy sins and fulfill wishes.

    How It Is Celebrated?      

    Aanvla Navami is a very important day for ladies as they pray for the well being of their family, by worshipping Aanvala tree. On this prosperous day,women get up early in the morning to take bath and wear new or washed clothes. All the women gather near the Aanvla tree. Incase, if there is no Aanvla tree nearby, then branch of the tree can be used by setting it in mud or kalash filled with water. Pooja is performed by keeping the face in the east direction. First of all, ladies offer water to the Aanvla tree and then milk, moli, roli, chawal, jaggery, batasha, aanvla, blouse piece and some money is offered. Oil lamps are lit before the tree and all the ladies put tilak on their forehead. After that, women take parikarma which is done by revolving around the tree for 8 to 108 times.  While taking parikarma, they tie a white or red thread around tree. After performing Parikrama, all women sit together and read or listens Katha associated with Aanvla Navmi. After that, Katha of Bindaayakji is read. Women keep few grains in their hand during katha and later put them in kalash filled with water placed near aanvla tree.

    There is a tradition to invite the Brahmini for food and clothes and dakshina (money) is presented to her. It is compulsory for women to include goose berry or Aanvla in their food on that day.