Daman and Diu ‘A feral cousin’

Daman & Diu

Daman and Diu ‘A feral cousin’

Daman and Diu is an ex Portuguese conclave which is two different, but Daman is just like Diu’s feral cousin, which is surrounded by a wild eyed resort town on a gray and soupy sea which make its union territories like a tropical paradise. You can get here the piquancy of old Portugal, in the fine churches and forts that is surrounded by the booze soaked whimsy which attracts the exiles from Mumbai and Gujarati thrill lover swaying harder on the nearby Devka Beach.


ASUS to manufacture Zenfone 3 in Daman

Asus reiterating its commitment toward the Modi Make in India initiative, this Taiwanese smartphone maker has announced that the company decided to manufacture newly launched smartphone Zenfone 3 Max in India.The company will set up its office and manufacture and assemble the smartphone in Daman (Union Territory of Daman and Diu). The production of Zenfone 3 Max will start from this December, 2016. The Company said that India is one of the most important markets for smartphone besides its headquarters in Taiwan and constantly looking to strengthen its presence in India.


Jampore Beach

Jampore beach is one of the most fascinating and alluring beaches in Daman, that is located in the south of the Daman district and is an ideal place for casual swimmers which is famous for its calm waters. When the low tide occurs, you can easily go further into the sea. The surrounding of the beach is quaint and not crowded. This beach is also a perfect place for a peaceful picnic spot where you can enjoy your quality time with your family and friends and enjoy the sea shores.


Gangeshwar Temple

Gangeshwar Temple is situated in the outskirts of Diu,this temple is a famous Hindu Shrine, which is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. As per the Hindu mythology, the one of the 5 linga were established by the Pandavas in their 13th and final year of their exile. The temple looks like as it is carved out from a cave like structure and the frozen breeze from the nearby sea gives you an intoxicating feel whenever you enter into the temple.


Heritage walk

The Capital city of Daman and Diu, Daman the famous historical city is now becoming the perfect place for history lover to explore the golden past of our history by going for a long day Heritage walk and get drunk all night. Daman is still an unexplored city with many tourists which makes it peaceful and sensational place to visit. This city, providing a complete freedom of drinking and dancing, celebrating and partying whenever you want to pamper your taste buds.

Cuisine of Daman

The mouthwatering Street food items are famous across the Daman by serving Bhelpuri, Chaats and Pao Bhaji. Jetty Roll is the new kind of itinerary with specialty in a local version of Kaathi Kebabs roll. Paapri is the also famous as a evening snack which goes well beer or with a glass of wine.

Did you know?

The territory of Goa, Daman and Diu was administered as a single union territory until 1987, when Goa was granted statehood, leaving Daman and Diu as a separate union territory. Each enclave constitutes one of the union territory's two districts. Daman and Diu are approximately 650 Km away from each other by road.