Chhattisgarh – An Excellent Evidence of Rich Cultural Heritage


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When the state is reeling from severe water crunch, a District Forest Officer (DFO) in Sukma in Raipur is drawing flak from all quarters for having a swimming pool in his government allotted accommodation. On 23rd May, DFO Rajesh Chandel holds a government bungalow in Raipur that is said to have a functional swimming pool and to maintain the same hundred of litres of water is being wasted on a regular basis.


Chhattisgarh- An excellent evidence of rich cultural heritage

Through ages, we can see the state of the Chhattisgarh is enjoying a great & reputed position among the various states of India due to its richest mineral wealth, culture arts & customs, holy places and more. The native scrumptious food dishes and the variety of festivals also bring together the various tribes of the state. One cannot miss visiting Chhattisgarh to make the most out of their holidays.