Chandigarh “Beauty in city with humanity of mankind”


Chandigarh “ Beauty in city with humanity of mankind”

Chandigarh is known to a city of dream beauty. It is one of established union territory which has well-maintained roads, sectors and markets. Come and visit Chandigarh once in life time to explore the imagination in reality.

Championship Cricket League (2nd January)

Chandigarh welcomes you all with highly privileged magnitude. Cricket as being the heart of India. Here, the platform for the young cricketers with dreams in their eyes. The main aim of the league is to enhance the talented one to the best place what they deserve. The tournament i for 6 days. Feel the enthusiasm of the youngsters. Be the first one to book your tickets.

India's Top Models Night Out Show (8th January)

Want to check the Indian beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Be the part of the production and cheer the Indian descendants. Some highlights of the show includes designer fashion show, full media coverage and interaction to participants, fame for all, motivational and grooming sessions, meditation for all, personality development session, workshops, beauty and diet tips, conceptional portfolio shoot, make-ups, hair stylist, personal interview for magazine and many more. Wow! Great opportunity for the models of India. Be there in encourage them all and also experience some fabulous tips from the best advisers of the event. The host of the show is Aspa Productions & Shri Sai Films Production Pvt Ltd.

A Solo Photography Exhibition (Till 10th January)

Photography is best way to express the feelings and capture that in the memorable echo. Explore the world of photography exhibition based on city, traveler and Entrepreneur - Nitin Rai Chaudhary. The travel explore photography is divided in different categories based for artistic and technical photography. A full collection of solo photography will be exhibited on display. Some documentaries like “BetiBachaoBetiPadao”, “ParvatiValley” etc will also be part of it as the contribution to Indian positive changes . A creative moment of the day. Once you miss it, it’s gone forever as Life has a Story and every story has a Life.

Spandan art (11th- 15th January)

The main aim is a Salute to the Indian Army by showing their sacrifices for India in privileged and obligated art. An art exhibition with paintings, sculptures and photography. This also add up a special show for army and army families for their contribution. One can also send their pictures to be included as a contribution. One day for the Indian army celebration.

Relationship class (16th January)

Confusion in right relations or new ideas required for new beginnings. Then, this is the right place here in Chandigarh. Attend a wonderful class with Susan Lazar Hart based tools to build up your relationship. The main aim is the all about you, your decisions, your changes and the relationship to whom these things are being effected. Here is the class which will also cover the main breakthrough on issues that get struck in between. Come and share your views with spectacular concepts of discussion and get implemented to your life. This can be a best start up for new year with more of your possibilities. “Be You”!

Blood Donation Camp (28th January)

Donate blood! Give life. Contribute for humanity and donate blood for the needy people as a single pint can give life to more than 2 people. This can also make smile on million faces. The camp is being organised by Aryans Group of Colleges, Chandigarh. Be part of it for make yourself proud.

Did you know ?

Chandigarh reflects its beauty by its neat and clean well organised sectors and roads. But there are few things more which contribute in adding up the beauty of it . These are:
Symbol: hand which aims for the give and take relationship.
Bird: Indian grey horn-bill
Animal: Gray mongoose
Flower: Sacred Tree