Blue Whale Online Challenge: New Face of Death

It’s sounds like a fascinating online game, but in reality, it’s a sick, twisted & terrifying suicidal online game. Before we tell you What is a Blue Whale Challenge? We want to share some stats related to this game:

  • The game challenges the player to hurt themselves.
  • In the final stage of the game, the player has to commit suicide.
  • 50 big cities around the globe are affected by this suicidal game.
  • 15 year old kid from Texas committed suicide.
  • 16 year old girl from Georgia took her life.
  • 19 year old boy from India killed himself.
  • Between November 2015 to April 2016, around 130 children committed suicide in Russia only.

Now you can imagine how dangerous this game is. It is believed that the game took birth in Russia in 2013. The name is derived from a natural phenomenon where the whale beaches itself to commit suicide.

How The Victims Get Into the Blue Whale Online Challenge?

blue whale challenge gameThe very first thing you need to know that the blue whale challenge is not a game. It is not even an app. It is a social media phenomenon . They reach the vulnerable kids through hidden comments on YouTube videos or by any secret hashtags or private messages.
Once they spotted the target players, they inform them that they are now the part of the game. And, there is no way to go back. Then they ask the players if they really want to continue? If the player choose to proceed then they start telling them the rules. If the players opts not to be the part of this shit, they are threatened by saying that “we know you , we have all your information, you are not safe” .

The players are then given a series of challenges for next 50 days. The challenges are like:

  • Take a blade and carve “f57” on your hand, send the photo to the curator as a proof.
  • At 4:20 a.m. watch the scary videos are sent to you by the curator.
  • Put three cuts on your arm not deep enough along with your veins. Send the photo to the curator.
  • Draw a picture of whale on paper, send snapshots to the curator.
  • If you are ready to become a whale, carve YES on your leg. If you say NO,then cut yourself several times as a punishment.
  • You will then assigned with a task in cipher
  • Carve “f40” on your hand & send photo to curator.
  • Update your VKontakte status with “#i_am_whale”.
  • Wake up at 4:20 a.m. & go to the roof.
  • Draw a whale on your hand with razor & send a photo to curator.
  • Watch horror videos all day.
  • Listen to music that curator sends you.
  • Cut your lips.
  • Hurt yourself with needle many times.
  • Go stand on the edge of the roof, any bridge for sometimes. This will prove that you are trustworthy.
  • Have a talk with a whale (curator on Skype)
  • Perform a secret task
  • The curator will assign you date of your death & you have to accept it.
  • Don’t talk to anybody.
  • On the day of death, go to the roof as high as you can & jump off.

Who is Behind This Evil Game?

Philipp BudeikinA former 21 year old psychology student named “Philipp Budeikin” is the evil mind behind this game. He was arrested & sentenced to three years imprisonment. He said that “ I am cleansing the society and victims were happy to die, just a biological waste”.

How To Save Your Child From Blue Whale Challenge?

The game doesn’t kill you child, the loneliness & insecurities inside the child killing them. If you observe any change in behavior of your child, then talk to them often . Boost up them with love and appreciation. Share your experience with them, tell them that they are strong to handle the challenges of life. Let your kid know that how precious he or she is for you.