Various dance form in India that you should try


India is a country which is known among the people worldwide for its divinity, culture, traditions and its art. It is not easy to express the diversity of India in words; one must visit the country to take pleasure of all its attractions, cuisines and adventures. Well, the delicacies of India include one more thing that adds spark to the beauty of the country and entices people towards it. The music and dance of India is not hidden and liked by the entire world today.  The softness and uniqueness in the dance forms reflect the picture of the Indian culture.  The dance forms of India are amazing and give you a boost to make you feel connected with the land.  There is an array of dance forms in the state that you love to learn and perform.  Each state has its own famous dance forms that are performed by the artists with traditional outlooks to represent their states.  Here, are few Indian Dance forms that you must try:

  • Bhangra & Giddha


This dance form in India is almost enjoyed and loved by all due to its energetic style which makes you feel full of Joy. Punjabis are always famous for their food and dance.  Bhangra & Giddha is beautifully performed by boys and girls in their colourful and traditional attires with zeal.

  • Classical Dance

Nidhi Ravishankar - Bharatanatyam

India has won the hearts of many tourists due to its classical dance forms. Here, dance is considered as an art and the artists perform the various graceful classical dance forms which include Kuchipudi, Bharat Natyam, Kathak and more. The classical dance is a combination of movements of hands and face expressions.

  • Salsa

tango in the night city

With the changing times, the trend in India is changing, and there are many dance forms from the west that are followed by many. Salsa is a Latin American Dance Form which requires a couple to perform.  The craze amongst the youth of India for Salsa is increasing day by day.

  • Hip Hop

indian hip hop

India and Hip Hop is today making a great combination.  The Hip Hop trend is adopted by many singers and dancers in India.  It is generally a street dance that has gaining popularity among the young generation.  For great energy and a swag attitude, learn this dance form.

  • Belly Dance

belle dance

The most popular dance trend that was made popular by the pop singer Shakira, has today become the common style of many around the globe. With this amazing dance form, one can easily reduce kilos with one-hour belly dancing.

Really the Indian Dance Forms are the best source to stay healthy, fit and happy.