The Food Heaven of India

Indian Food Collage

The food heaven of India lies in its street food, and no Indian street is complete without its own unique variety in cuisine. This is the perfect place to not just take a break, but to get a quick bite to eat, and even exchange juicy gossip. It does not matter what time of the day is, Indian Street food can be enjoyed at any time you like.

Chole Bature

The streets of Delhi are known for their delicious street food. Everything from kebabs to yummy chaat and filling parathas can be found here. The best street food that attracts flocks of customers all through the day is Chole Bature. The taste of the dish served is something every local will recommend.

Vada Pav

It is difficult to pick out just one top dish in the city of Mumbai. But if you ask an Indian to think really hard they will say Vada Pav. This is what Indians call the ‘desi burger’. It is the mouth watering taste of fried potatoes coated in batter with green chutney and bread bun that gives it that unique flavor.

Mirchi Bajji

This is the popular dish from Hyderabad. Big green chilies that are deep fried and dipped in batter are something every local grew up loving as a delicacy. You might feel your eyes watering at the spiciness, but at the end of your meal you will realize that it is totally worth it.

Masala Dosa

Bangalore has always been a combination of tradition and cosmopolitan lifestyle. It is the hub for street food staples. Masala Dosa is a very common dish with a side of red chili paste that you should not miss, especially if you are visiting the area for the first time.

Egg Rolls

Don’t let this mislead you; egg rolls in Kolkata are nothing like your ordinary dish. Sure there are tons of different street food variations here. But the best out of them is their signature egg rolls. But fair warning, if you have one, you won’t be able to stop till you have a lot more.

Idli Sambar

If you are stopping by Chennai, scouring the place for Idli Sambar is going to be totally worth it. This is mostly served with hot coffee. The Idli Sambar dish for breakfast has been voted as one of the most nutritious dishes in the entire world.

Aloo Tikkis

Lucknow is the one place with the highest number of patrons for street food. The one dish that attracts most of them is the Aloo Tikkis. These are boiled in pan fried desi ghee, and served with delicious gravy. Most people keep returning to Lucknow just to be able to taste this again.

Irani Chai

Served along with dishes in the street shacks of Hyderabad, the Irani Chai is the perfect way to wash down a heavy meal.

If you are a foodie don’t miss out on the street cuisine from around different regions of India. But these are not all; the country has so much more to offer in the name of tasty food like Hyderabadi Mourg, Khubani Meetha, and Masala Chai to name a few.