Kashmir : Perfect Reason in Itself to Visit Paradise on Earth


Have you ever wondered why Kashmir is rightly called the ‘Paradise on Earth’? Well, there is no doubt that the land of Jammu & Kashmir is a dream destination of millions to explore.   Getting a chance to stopover & capture hundreds of pictures in Kashmir is not less than a dream come true.  The people living there are blessed to be a part of the Jammu & Kashmir the reason being the land is known worldwide for its scenic views, gardens, lakes, crafts and many more things that are far beyond your expectations.


If this introduction is not enough then don’t worry, for the adventure and nature lovers, Kashmir is a complete package of tourist attractions to make the most of your vacations.  The best time to visit Kashmir is winter.  During this, the most beautiful place at the top ‘Gulmarg’ offers an exciting and thrill view that is the perfect adventure that adds more fun to your trip.

dal-lake If talking about the beauty of the Kashmir, then it is nevertheless a heaven on Earth. The mountains, Himalayan peak, Snow covered Valleys, hills of Ladakh, Gardens with beautiful and attractive flowers are the ultimate things that everyone wishes for the perfect adventurous vacations.


The man-made creations in Kashmir have added a special and unique touch to enhance the beauty of the Kashmir.  The day you entered the land, you will feel connected with nature so deeply that it will revive your mind, body & soul.  The fabulous beauty of Kashmir allows you to experience the true flavor of life in Kashmir.

For an easy going trip, the destination to be chosen really plays a major role for a successful and memorable vacation.  And when it is Kashmir, then this is the most beautiful, peaceful and amazing destination in the world to fall in love with.    The list of places to visit in Kashmir with travel partners includes:

  • Sonmarg
  • Pahalgam
  • Dal Lake
  • Tulip Garden

Apart from these, there are much more to enjoy your vacations in Kashmir.   The lakes here are counted as the epitome of the beauty. The amazing and colorful species of the flowers in Kashmir will not found anywhere else. For the people who are crazy to capture pictures of the unambiguously beautiful land, the trip is a must.

The real taste of enjoying life can be experienced by only visiting this wonderful, lovely and extraordinary place on the earth.