The “Not so Predictable” Future of India-USA


The “Not so Predictable” Future of India-USA

As per the USA media, The Trump administration is already a problem for the United States of America. Now, Indian Immigrants are counting every second to know where the relationship between two countries will lead them! The future of legal immigrants to the US is uncertain. 90% of the Indians are on H-1B visa, a large chunk of which is dominated by the Indian information technology industry. As we know the Trump Govt already made it clear that they want to cut it (immigrants) short. The announcement of making a workplace more available for Americans leaves the immigrants in terror. USA immigrants now prefer to go to Canada through CIC on Permanent  Resident Visa. Young Justin Trudeau govt welcomes all the refugees and immigrants with open arm.

If the “Limiting legal immigration” in the USA get executed by The Trump administration, it will reverse the decision of the Obama Regime where the spouse of H1-B Visa holders can work in the USA. Apart from this, if the order gets signed into law, will also reverse the Optional Practical Training (OPT) extension for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students that the earlier administration had mooted in late 2015. It can affect 1.66 lakh, Indian Students, studying in the USA.

On another hand the political relation of Indo-USA can give us positive hope. If the Trump trajectory can be followed closely right from the very beginning of long election campaign, we can see the early signs from his cabinet — the consistently positive oratory on India and areas of mutual concern become clear.

Trump had all along made it clear that he will be India’s ‘big friend’ and on several occasion, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been highly praised by Trump for his  ‘conclusive leadership’ and ability to do away with bureaucratic deadwood.  It set the preliminary stage for good chemistry between the two leaders.

An Indian-American Republican leader highlighted on Monday that Trump’s “Buy American” and Modi’s “Make In India” need not be mutually exclusive policies and indeed, could be even complementary. As it is prominent that Trump is worried about a yawning trade deficit with China. In order to take over the global economy, Trump will create the bond with India so that they can stand strong together against Chinese wave. Moreover, Trump will consider India more to defeat the growing terrorism all over the world.

So, if we consider both scenarios of internal immigrant issues of the USA and Global Relationship of other countries with the USA then as one of the Biggest Nations, India will not be getting the negative approach from Trump Empire. Now, the time will say the last word.