The Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood – Aamir Khan

The Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood – Aamir hKhan

On 14th March 2017, Mr. Aamir Perfect Khan stepped into the 52nd round of his life. On his special day, it’ll be perfect to take a look how he always appears to be perfect on screen. The actor has done great in 2016 with his movie ‘Dangal’ has become the highest grossing Indian film of all times and also  broken all possible records of box office collections. He always brings the best out of him to get the ultimate success. For his each and every film, he gives his heart out. He doesn’t only act but also lives the character of the film.

To cover the role of Mahavir Phogat, he gained 28 kilos and shed all of it during the same film. The fitness routine and diet will make our jaws drop. Aamir followed a strict diet plan under the supervision of an American based dietician, Dr. Nikhil Dhurander to reach his desired goal. His diet oscillated between 1800 to 2500 calories.

After Dangal, 2nd best transformation of Aamir comes in Dhoom 3. He plays the role of a gymnast in the movie. To get to his desired level of flexibility and fitness, he sought the help of fitness trainer and acrobat, Gerald Zarcilla. The training included a mix of high-intensity interval training for cardio. The cardio was about boxing, low and high impact aerobic exercise. He also added resistance training along with rolling V-Sits for toning his body and building strength. His diet consisted of fruit, egg white, muesli and green tea in breakfast.  Dal, Chappatis, Vegetables and Curd in lunch. Tea, rusk or cheese cubes were enlisted as snacks and boiled vegetable or grilled chicken or fish for dinner. Tough, he has now turned a vegan.

And his 3rd transformation comes in Ghajini. It would be appropriate to say that Mr. Khan raged a storm with his muscular body in Ghajini and compelled a host of young boys to hit the gym and get those much in demand ‘8 Pack-Abs’. Aamir’s weight was 70 kilos when he began his training, and by the time he was ready for the movie shoot, he was 68 kilos. So, his overall weight didn’t go down, but his fat content reduced and his muscles grew huge.

He used to work out three hours every day in the morning. Cardio and stretching for an hour, then forty minutes of abs and sides, followed by weights for an hour. He had to follow a super strict diet as well.