Indian’s Abroad


There are a notable number of Indians abroad. Nepal hosts 4,000,000 of them, Malaysia has 2,700,000, Saudi Arabia 1,500,000 and so on. These are just the stats for some of the places that have Indians living in. Check out some of the notable Indians living abroad.

L.N. Mittal

This industrialist is the 8th richest man in the world. With him heading the family owned steel company ArcelorMittal dominates 10 percent of the global steel production. Despite the falling demand of steel, his wealth amounts to $19.3 billion. He has invested his savings in acquisitions of Queens Park Rangers, a stake in Macarthur Coal, RAB Capital etc.

Ajit Jain

This business executive is the earmarked successor to Warren Buffet; yes the same Buffet who is the world’s most successful investor. He is the president of his company’s high risk reinsurance division.

Indra Nooyi

She has been a star in World Economic Forum, and as the CEO of PepsiCo she was seated at the head table at the Whitehouse dinner with president Barrack Obama.

Sonny Mehta

The head of Knopf Doubleday, the publisher spent 10 million USD on advance payment to Bill Clinton in exchange for his memoirs, and an extra 5 million on Tony Blair’s memoirs. In present time, he and his spouse are a huge part of the glorious literary scene in New York.

Salman Rushdie

Rushdie is one of the most famous authors around the world. His work regarding his two decades spent hiding from fatwa is the most talked about writing in publishing.

Fareed Zakaria

Zakaria is dubbed as a “global affairs pundit”. He has received notable awards for his work including the Padma Bhushan award by the Indian government. Many people know him from the CNN show GPS, and his bestseller book Post American World.

Zubin Mehta

As a music composer Mehta has been using his art as an instrument of peace. He is the founder of Mifneh, which is the Hebrew word for Change, and incorporates a music program for Israeli Arabs in three different schools. Despite his status as a celebrated global celebrity, his love for India cannot be budged; he has an Indian passport despite numerous opportunities to change it, and loves cricket.

Lord Swraj Paul

The British Prime Minister is a regular visitor to this man’s house. This philanthropist and entrepreneur has his company entering the financial services division with an investment of $50 million in the next two years. He is also the first Indian-born who was appointed Privy Councilor in Britain.

Sunjay Gupta

The neurosurgeon and TV personality has an enhanced reputation for his work. He got offered the job as the US Surgeon General, which he rejected because he wanted to spend more time with family. Currently as a celebrity speaker he earns more than $50,000 on appearances.