Indian Tourism – A Place like No Other


Indian Tourism – A Place like No Other

India has fast become one of the most popular tourist destinations now. Thousands of people visit different regions of the country every year. This is one place that has a lot to offer to tourists and travellers. Deserts, deltas, beaches, plains, plateaus, forests, snowcaps, and rivers are only a few things the tourist industry glorifies in its commercials.

Northern India

You can check out the architectural grandeur of places like the Taj Mahal, which draws tourists from all over the globe. There is no city like Delhi in all of India, with its blend of aromatic food, and a vivacious culture to match; plus did you know that it stands as the political centre of the nation?

Jaipur aka the Pink City is everything one might imagine of a charming royal city of India. Don’t forget to check out the famous landmarks of Rajput heritage here. Shimla is the Queen of Hills, the serene place that impresses everyone with its panoramic views. Srinagar has its peaceful Dal Lake, scenic mountains, and the Shikaras that complete this heaven on earth.

East India

Bhubaneswar is dubbed the temple city of the country because of it harbouring more than 600 different temples. Historical aficionados will love this place. Kolkata is classed as the cultural hub of the country. Darjeeling is famous for its eco tourism, popular Toy Train rides, tea plantations, and so much more. You will see more tourists here than locals. Varanasi holds religious beliefs close to its centre. It is also a destination for pilgrims in India.

South India

Bangalore or what is known as The Garden City lures its visitors with a salutary climate and a relaxed ambience. Chennai is a metropolitan that stands as the perfect example of modernism and ethnicity. If you are a trekker looking for a retreat, this is the place to be. Then there is Goa with its sandy beaches, tasty cuisines, world-class nightlife, and so much more that amuses all travellers. Ooty is the place with the picturesque tea gardens plus a relaxing charm.

Central India

Kanha is famous for its fauna and flora; the Kanha National Park is great for adventure enthusiasts. Ujjain is the holy city that can be mainly visited because of its temples, Kumbh Mela, and other religious sites. Gwalior is fascinating for travellers. It has some pretty amazing monuments, cultures, and traditional extravaganza. Bhopal is known as the city of lakes. This place is a perfect combination of different ethnicities, cultures, and history.

North Eastern Region of India

Gangtok is the place with the most monasteries, but it is not the quaint little old town that it sounds like. Gangtok also has some of the most entertaining sports activities. Guwahati is considered a gateway to north eastern region of India. It lures tourists with its delicious cuisine, lush green hills, fascinating old traditions and more. Imphal is referred to as the Jewel of East, and is considered ideal for nature lovers. Kaziranga is a national park, and also a designated World Heritage Site. To some it is famously known as the home to the one-horned rhino.