Indian Super League: Face of Emerging Market of Football in India


Cricket has been overshadowing the rest of the sports in India, there’s no doubt about that. But we can’t deny the fact that meanwhile, other sports are mustering public interest lately. If you take an example for an instance, Hero Indian Super League has been partially successful in bringing the interest of multitude Indians to this sport. This league has been launched in an attempt to make the most of the potential of this game. India is one of the fastest growing economy and emphasis on such a popular sport was need of an hour.

India has the young, aspirant population comprising about 25% of world’s total under 25’s. That’s more than to be left unconsidered. A forecast has prophesised that India is going to be world’s third largest economy by 2030. Football has a lot of potential in this developing country. According to the sports connoisseurs, India is the new emerging market for football.

If we closely analyse Hero Indian Super League, we can draw an inference on the following parameters:

Popularizing the Football Sport in India

In the 2013-14 league, the turnover was around 5618, however the next year an immense shoot up was observed. India has left people in surprise with a turnover of 23,760 in 2014 India Super League. It was also seen that ISL was watched more than the World Cup itself in 2014. This is quite an accomplishment for the game of FIFA in India.

Emerging market for football

Improving the Game of Football at the Grass-Root Level

Whenever something is done at a large scale, you cannot ignore its consequences at the grass root level. That’s how a sport is established in a country. These lines were directly stated by the FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke on ISL. The mandatory grass root development program ensures that no local talent diminishes out due to lack of opportunities.

Indian Super League (ISL) match in Navi Mumbai

Professionalism in Running Clubs

The colonial conglomerates or the government organisations run the football clubs in India. The ISL will help them build an infrastructure for proper training and get the best and qualified coaches from around the world. This will improve the future of football in India.

Quality of the Game

There’s still a long way to go for Football in India. The overshadowing game of cricket has still a lot of grip on people’s mindset. But Indian players are getting a lot of opportunity to learn from the experienced players. It’s going to take some time. But the results are flattering, already!

Atletico de Kolkata vs Chennaiyin FC

Though India has left with some disappointing results in the India football world cup qualifiers 2018, but our heads are up in high hopes. Indian team is still short of skills to challenge the best of the teams, but as we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day!