India – A Country Known For Distinctive Flavours


India & Spices- Nothing better than this combination. The history of India is not only about the wars but is also associated with the traditions, spices and culinary of India.  Dated back, the traditional cooking at the times of Mughals was used to be done by using the traditional ingredients and spices; this makes India known for its flavours.


The myriad of countries, have a list of cuisines that involve a long list of spices and which makes each dish different from the other with the distinctive flavour.  The culinary journey of India involves the art of preparing food for the soul and body.   As we all know, India is a land of the 28 states, and this way it’s clearly seen there is a great variety of flavours that one can taste to experience the real India.  The essence of Indian spices can be easily found in the Indian dishes.  The authentic India delicacies are not only famous among the people of the land, but the travellers from the different countries make a trip to India, just to taste and savour the truly amazing and scrumptious dishes of India.


Each and every dish prepared in India has its speciality.  Indian cuisines are not only popular worldwide but, also tried there by the people who are fond of the Indian dishes.   To get in touch closely with the Indian flavours, you must make a culinary tour to the royal cities of India.


The dishes in India are prepared in a way that only tastes good but also pleasing to the eyes.  Here, in India, there is not only variety in the dishes but also in the style of cooking.

south-indianThe passion for cooking among the Indians has given birth to the number of dishes that have made the tourists crazy for the land.   To taste the immensely different & distinctive cuisine, either you must be familiar with the cooking method or the best option is that you can visit India.  The base of most of the Indian dishes is the spices and ingredients that are prepared locally.   The Indian’s are not only perfect for cooking and preparing quality and flavoursome dishes other than also good at heart in serving the food to others.


To relish the variety of Indian dishes, you need to visit the most popular cities to India that are famous for their dishes and street food.