The Craze For Kabaddi Is Spreading Far Beyond Asia!


The game of Kabaddi is not less than any sports.  The passion for Kabaddi can be seen on a high note and the game has gained a huge popularity.  The Indian Kabaddi team since the beginning has made its marks and made the country feel proud. When it comes to sports, India is always known for the Cricket. But gone are the days, today Kabaddi has made a tremendous success that it has changed the way people think and play it.


Today, it’s not only the Indian Players, but the game of Kabaddi has made a place in the hearts of foreign players.  The game has been liked and played by the foreigners too in the present scenario.  Indian Kabaddi team not only at the local level, but at the global level also has won many tournaments.


This ancient Indian game of the Kabaddi is slowly coming at par with the other sports.  The sport has been taken to the new heights of the success within the short span of time.  Today, we can proudly say that the game is no longer an unknown sport for the people around the globe.

This year in the World Cup 2016, the game of Kabaddi has led an India to an exciting victory.  The game at the start seemed to be tough for India, because of the highly competitive performance of the Iran players.  In the first half of the match, the Iran players were playing very well that they have scored many points, but the turning point came in the second half when the master minds of the India Kabaddi team started playing in their forms.

The Kabaddi has given a different platform to the players to showcase an impressive and exciting all round display. The trend has been changed; the craze of the Kabaddi is on rising among the people of all ages.


Earlier it was liked by the people with the zeal, but now the craze can be seen among all in the different parts of the world.  The triumph in the world cup 2016 was due to the hard struggle of the Indian players, who performed superbly.

Aiming to get the people know about this sport all over the world, the efforts have been made by the players.  With the achievements and success, Indian ancient sport is reaching the new heights of success.