A R Rahman: From Filmfare to Oscar (Academy awards) 2017 Journey

A R Rahman

A. R. Rahman Took India By Pride by Entering the Oscar Race Again!

A.R. Rahman the name which doesn’t need an introduction. The legacy which has never let the name of his country down. The musical prodigy, who is acclaimed even across the boundaries. Just for the sake of defining, let us tell you who ‘The A. R. Rahman’ is!

A.R. Rahman: A Name That Doesn’t Need Introduction

A R Rahman is an Indian music composer, singer-songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and a philanthropist. A music lover can’t go on without knowing the name of this legendary musician, A R Rahman.


He’s rightfully defined as the world’s most prominent and prolific music composer of the era. This Indian music composer has managed to bag two prestigious Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA Award, fifteen Filmfare Awards along with thirteen Filmfare Awards South. Apart from this, there were many other nominations and awards as well. Words won’t be sufficient to do justice to his achievements.

A R Rahman’s Awards & Honours

His praise-worthy work in the field of music has earned him the name of ‘The Mozart of Madras’, which is a big honour in itself. He is also fondly named as Isai Puyal, which means Storm in Tamil.


People are still humming to the tunes of Vande Mataram, and not even single Indian soul is left untouched by the moving voice of A. R. Rahman. And it is not the only instance where A. R. Rahman left all the Indians with tears of pride. This time again, he held the Indian flag in utmost pride.

The reason why we’re singing the glories to A. R. Rahman is that he’s again in the Oscar Awards nomination this year. A. R. Rahman has his name features in the list of 145 scores in contention for the nomination in the original score category. His contribution in Pele has been nominated for the 89th Academy Award this year. If he manages to bag another Academy Award this year, it can be a double cherry on the cake for the Indian music maestro, A. R. Rahman. The country was more than just proud for A. R. Rahman’s contribution in bringing recognition to our country. A. R. Rahman has already won a double Oscar for his outstanding music in Slumdog millionaire in the year 2009. The final nominations for the 89th Academy Awards will be publicized on January, 24, 2017.

Coldplay and A R Rahman Concert 2016

Earlier this year, A. R. Rahman was trending on the social media for his performance in the first-ever Global Citizen India Festival. It was the time when the young India welcomed one of the biggest band, COLDPLAY.


The crowd when berserk when A.R. Rahman presented a powerful instrumental performance for the audience. Coldplay and A.R. Rahman Concert remained in the headlines for the next few days for all the good reasons. The Indian youth was immensely overwhelmed when A.R. Rahman delivered a speech saying that we all have a common enemy which is none other than Poverty. He appealed to the young generation of India to work together to defeat this common enemy. Though many other celebs sizzled the evening with their power-packed performance, but somehow, the evening came to be known as Coldplay & A. R. Rahman concert 2016. The duo stole the show hands-down. The historic moment was when A.R. Rahman joined Chris Martin. He sang ‘Channa Meraya’ and a revolution has taken birth.

We all Love you Rehman! JAI HO