Bihar the heart of India


Bihar the heart of India

Bihar is a state which lies in the eastern part of the India. The 13th largest state is is 3rd largest state by the mean of the population. It is connected with Uttar Pradesh to its west, Nepal to the north, west Bengal to the east and with Jharkhand to the south.
The capital of Bihar is Patna. It has 38 districts. Hindu and Urdu are the official language spoken in Bihar.

Cuisine of Bihar

The land of Bihar is very famous for the cuisines that are served. The delicious food is sure to win the hearts of people living as well as paying a visit there. Some of the famous cuisines are:
1. Litti chokha:

Litti chokha is lip–smacking cuisine of Bihar. It is made from ghee.the wheat, sattu and all the spicies are knead into small balls. Chokha is made by mixing various boiled vegetables. The litti is then served with chokha.
2. Naivedyam

Naivedyam is a sweet that is basically made from besan, sugar, cashews, raisin, cardamoms and other flavorings.after adding all the ingredients in besan, They are given a shape of a ball.then they are dipped into ghee.
3. Chandrakala

Chandrakala is a delicious dessert for the lovers of sweets. It is basically stuffed with khoya, coconut, and dry fruits etc.
After this, it is dipped in sugar syrup.
Chandrakala is a traditional food of Bihar that can provide your tounge a heavenly pleasure.
Paintings that are made in Bihar are very famous.these paintings are mainly made by women living in the villages. These paintings depicts the village life, the animals, gods and goddesses.
Stone pottery:
Stone pottery is also famous as the paintings of the Bihar. One can see various wooden toys, leather goods, and bamboo articles.

Traditions of Bihar

(a) Dance
Bihar has a very strong background in the area of dance.there are various types of dance that are performed in Bihar.
1. Bidesia

Bidesia is a dance form which is mainly related to the social evils like child marriage, dowry system etc.
Various songs are also included. The female role is played by the males. With the introduction of various sources of entertainment bidesia is still very popular.
2.Jat-Jatin dance

Jat – Jatin dance is very popular among the people of Bihar. In the jat-jatin dance mainly the love story of jat-jatin is explained. It is also known as yamaha nirtya.the dance is mainly performed by girls who perform it in groups.

(b) Music of Bihar
Bihar is the state where the classical music is very famous. The folk that is sung in Bihar is mainly related to the life of an ordinary person or the folk that is related with the freedom fighters or with some religion.
There are songs like sohar which is performed when a child is born.
Sumangali is song which is performed at the time of marriages.
(c). Art and culture
The art and culture tell the story of the history of Bihar.

Events in Bihar

1. Anwesha-17 cultural and sports fest in Bihar 2017
It the biggest event that is going totake place in will include various is the 8th edition.
2. Anwesha_iit patna technical fest
Iit fest is basically of the young people who have goals and aspiration to achieve.this fest offers new dreams and memories to cherish in life.
3. India cash challenge management fest
It is a fest organise for mainly the entrepreneurs to show their skill and arts in the field of the only ment for those whose have high spark of creativity.

Reason to visit

Bihar is the land of many tourist spots that are attached with aspect of religion, old traditions, and culture of Bihar. The rich culture and heritage is must be seen.
There are many places to visit like bodhi tree, nalanda university, and griddhakuta park etc.