Assam – Abode of Mist and Magic


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AIUDF chief Baduddin Ajmal pitches for third front to stop BJP and also favours a secular front of parties that involves Congress, AGP, BPF and his own. The idea of doing this is to prevent the BJP from forming the next government. In continuation he also expresses his view of demanding Prafulla Kumar Mahanta to be the next chief minister. AGP will be the maximum gainer in this election.

Culture of Assam

Assam- Abode of Mist & Magic

Aptly described as the ‘the Shangrila of the North-Eastern India’, the state of Assam is known for its breathtaking scenic beauty. It is one of the states which would at the top of your list that you would never miss to visit. India’s best tea is offered here to make the every sip of you tea an everlasting experience. Assam tea is manufactured from the plant named Camellia Sinesis var.

Taste the Aroma of Assam & Feel Good

The cuisine of Assam has something which you can’t even think to miss. What makes this state known special is the simplicity of the dishes. Probably, it is the most different type of cuisine that you would have ever tasted. Well, most of us are not aware of the fact that birds like ducks and pigeon are also used in the dishes of Assam. One can enjoy the magnificent taste of the dishes that are distinguished on the basis of exotic herbs and vegetables.

Taste the Aroma of Assam & Feel Good

Pitikas- Exotic & Side Dishes

Aloo Pitika and eri polu are the famous traditional dishes. In the list of desserts wide range of cakes are available which are popularly known as “Pithas”. Khar which is prepared from Bananas is a unique and traditional dish. When counting the dishes of Assam then Sour fish dish named ‘Tenga’ is a signature class of preparation and souring ingredient. Poitabhat is a summer special dish in Assam.

Festivals- Spirit of Togetherness

The state of Assam is a combination of various tribes and religions. Numerous races living in Assam celebrate all the fairs and festivals with gusto and enthusiasm. Among the list of various festivals the major festival that is celebrated by the people of Assam is Rongali Bihu. Here, the perfect fusion of rich heritage is shared by people of all tribes. Singing, dancing and dressing up in beautiful attire is central of every occasion. The celebration of the events reflects the true spirit, tradition, and lifestyle of the people.

Festivals- Spirit of Togetherness

Sports Authority of Assam

After the national games held at Guwahati, the Sports authority of Assam was formed to maintain the properties. The idea of establishing this authority was to maintain and conduct different disciplines of spots at the infrastructure built during the National Games.

Bihu (April)

The most important fervour of the Assam is celebrated with joy and abundance regardless of the caste, creed, religion, faith or belief. This is comprised of three fests such as Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu and Magu Bihu which are celebrated according to the Assamese calendar. In the mid of April, Rongali Bihu marks the Assamese New Year and coincides with the advent of spring and seeding time.


Bhaona- Promote the Vaishnavite Culture

Performed in the village of Namghas and Satras this dance form is performed to promote the Vaishnavite culture in Assam. The Sutradhara, is an integral part of the dance, who recites the slokas, sings and initiated by Sankardeva. In addition to this, one of the subdivisions of this dance form is Hajowaliya which is especially a woman’s dance.

Ambubachi Mela ( Mid-June)

Every year during monsoon, this festival of the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati is closely related to the Tantric and is known as Kamakhya Devi Puja. The myth behind this festival is that during this period the Goddess Kamakhya goes through the menstrual cycle for three days which makes the earth impure. On the fourth day, Kamakhya temple is visited by devotees from all over the world.

Ambubachi Mela

Oja –Pali- Classical Dance

This classical dance form of Assam represents the rich cultural heritage of the state. It consists of the groups of the chorus singers and dancers, Oja as the leader and the Palis as his assistants. For performing the dance three to four Palis are required. Epic stories and the Puranas are expressed through the dance forms.

Ethnic Dance Forms of Assam

Ethnic Dance Forms of Assam

Best manifestation of the culture and the tradition can be seen in the various dance forms of the Assam state which are prevalent in the different corners of the state. Number of indigenous tribes and races, can be distinguished on the basis of the various dance forms categorized as Classical and Folk.

Discover its magical beauty and Festivals !!

If you have dreamt of a pleasing holiday destination, then ASSAM state is at the top. The culture, traditions, harming sights offers an exotic way of life. Visit Assam to taste the rich cuisine of it delicious dishes.