Andhra Pradesh – Land of Cultural Heritage

Andhra Pradesh

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It is said by officials on 20th May, that there is a threat to coastal Andhra Pradesh from the cyclonic storm ‘Roanu’ in the Bay of Bengal appears to have receded as the system is heading towards the Bangladesh. Due to the influence of the Cyclone, there is a heavy rain in parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The cyclonic storm lay centred at about 40 km south-southeast of Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.


Andhra Pradesh- ‘Land of Rich cultural Heritage’

Though all the states of India are famous for its achievements however, the state of Andhra Pradesh is well-known among the tourists for its rich cultural ethos and heritage that encompasses several heritages of other Indian States. Visitors every year visit Andhra Pradesh for a truly awesome experience. From the lifestyle of the people there, one can get to all about the richness of the state.

Never Miss to visit Andhra Pradesh!!

If you are looking for the amazing tourist destination then, this state of India must be on the top of your list. This state has witnessed many historic incidents and has made its marks. Don’t waste any more time and pack your bags to make a visit to Andhra Pradesh.