Andhra Pradesh – Land of Cultural Heritage

Andhra Pradesh

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It is said by officials on 20th May, that there is a threat to coastal Andhra Pradesh from the cyclonic storm ‘Roanu’ in the Bay of Bengal appears to have receded as the system is heading towards the Bangladesh. Due to the influence of the Cyclone, there is a heavy rain in parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh. The cyclonic storm lay centred at about 40 km south-southeast of Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh.


Andhra Pradesh- ‘Land of Rich cultural Heritage’

Though all the states of India are famous for its achievements however, the state of Andhra Pradesh is well-known among the tourists for its rich cultural ethos and heritage that encompasses several heritages of other Indian States. Visitors every year visit Andhra Pradesh for a truly awesome experience. From the lifestyle of the people there, one can get to all about the richness of the state.

Festive & Cheerful Mood

There is no month in a year when the people of Andhra Pradesh are not celebrating any event. It is a state of rich culture and heritage that influence many around the globe. When it comes to festivals then people of all religions gather here to celebrate their own special festivals with colours, enthusiasm, and energy. Ugadi is a festival of New Year that falls in the month of April. It is a celebration of Telugu New Year.

2 States Food Fest

2 States Food Fest (13-22May)

This food festival was organized to bring together the people of two states. At Kakinada city of Andhra Pradesh, this 2 states food fest was organized with an idea to offer the most delicious dishes of the Punjab & Andhra Pradesh to the tourists and many others to make them taste the intensely delicious cuisines of the both states. The festival has grand buffet spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of Punjab and Andhra Pradesh.

Notable Personalities of Andhra Pradesh

Undoubtedly, the state of the Andhra Pradesh is famous worldwide for making many achievements in the different fields and due to its historic background. Apart from this, what makes this land known among the people worldwide is that many great personalities are born and brought up here. A handful of names of few personalities includes Aditi Rao hydari( Indian Actress), Anjali Devi ( Tamil & Telgu Actress), Shobha Naidu (Kuchipudi dancer), Zakir Husain (Politician), Sania Mirza (Tennis Player) and much more.

Notable Personalities of Andhra Pradesh 1

Hyderabadi Food-Highlight of Andhra Pradesh

Famous for its rich and aromatic nature Hyderabadi cuisine is savored by all gourmets with a lot of relish and delight. What makes this cuisine extraordinary is its generous use of exotic spices and ghee. The appetizing aroma is a perfect amalgamation of the typical Mughlai flavors with a blend of rich spices. All the more it is famous for its non-vegetarian preparations and Lamb is the most widely used meat of this state.

Look how Amaravathi is getting glorified? (26th May)

After the bifurcation of the state, the people of Andhra Pradesh cursed everyone for their fate. Well, at that time they punished the political parties in power for the bifurcation and what they are demanding and hoping from the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Babu Naidu is to present them world class capital as promised at Amaravathi. Despite some opposition, many voluntarily came forward contributing for the capital construction cause.

Global Education Fair in Hyderabad

Global Education Fair in Hyderabad (28th May)

The Global Education Interact was held in May by the Chopras to gather and discuss study abroad opportunities with serious students. This fair has always proved to be an idyllic platform not only for the students but also for the parents and university experts coming from all across the world. Well, many universities and colleges from the different countries assembled by the great efforts of The Chopras’ staff.

International Conference on Current Research in Engineering and Technology (29th May)

An event is organized by ICET-16 that is offering an ultimate platform and an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and results in Engineering & Technology. The idea behind this conference was to provide a platform to the researchers and practitioners from the academics as well as the industrial sector to meet the share cutting-edge development in the field.

Mind blowing facts about Andhra Pradesh

Mind blowing facts about Andhra Pradesh

No one from us knows the most incredible things about Andhra Pradesh that makes it popular. Well, the railway bridge over the Godavari River at Rajahmundry is the longest bowstring arch girder railway bridge ever built. Moreover, Vishakapatnam is the only natural harbor in India, and also strategically important being the Headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command.

Never Miss to visit Andhra Pradesh!!

If you are looking for the amazing tourist destination then, this state of India must be on the top of your list. This state has witnessed many historic incidents and has made its marks. Don’t waste any more time and pack your bags to make a visit to Andhra Pradesh.