Andaman and Nicobar Islands- Amalgamation of nature’s beauty

Andaman & Nicobar

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India’s largest power utility company, National Thermal Power Corporation Limited, which is a maharatna company, announced to set up a innovative solar plant in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The new 18 MW grid-connected solar plant will be in the highest dense area of the union territory, which is Chidiyatapu. NTPC invites all the bidders in order to propose their cost of development. The company which will win the bet will be held responsible for development, maintenance, engineering and all other processes. The project’s duration is going to be at least five years. It will include both solar cells and other factory modules.


Andaman and Nicobar Islands- Amalgamation of nature’s beauty

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands contains different islands together which have two parts Andaman Islands , which lies in north of the latitude and Nicobar islands is at south of the latitude. The capital of this Union Territory is Port Blair, which is situated in Andaman. Car Nicobar is the capital of Nicobar Islands. People in this union territory are known for their isolated nature from other parts of world. The Union Territory consists of 572 islands, out of which 36 are enduringly populated. Majority of people living in Andaman follow Hinduism. The history of India significantly proves that inhabitants of Andaman, stayed isolated since a long time. After the Independence, it took many years to India, to claim her rights over this union territory. The islands boast of significant varieties of plants and vegetation in its area. More than 2000 varieties of plants have been discovered.
The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are different from rest of the parts of India. A shining example of beauty, scenery of picturesque locations and sparkling islands like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal give a beautiful view of this Union territory.

flea andaman

Flea Market (June)

A new addition to the events in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is Flea market which has it all. It includes handmade articles of artisans and different verities of food by different exotic cuisines. This event includes different products out of local people. They provide different types of handwork products and local people organise a cultural night including performance of local artists.

chal nikal pade andaman

Chal Nikal Pade Andaman (26-30 July 2016)

A new hike is going to be organized by Mumbai Hikers, which includes tour of Port Blair city and other attractions such as sightseeing near the Havelock islands. This is a leisure tour comprising of different staying options either at airport hotel or Havelock islands resorts. This includes also sightseeing expenditure. It includes photography and other entertaining activities such as snorkelling.


Beach Festival

This festival is organized by the government authorities of Andaman and Nicobar Islands to provide the inhabitants of Port Blair with entertaining activities. This festival is open to be enjoyed for both tourists and residents. The beach festival includes different entertainment programs such as cultural shows. It also includes different sports activities and competitions such as tug of war, tree climbing, and many more.


Food Cultivation

The food cultivation includes growing up, different crops such as paddy. Different fruits also orange, papaya and banana are also cultivated in the hilly areas of the islands. Many kinds of spices such as cloves, black pepper and cinnamon are grown, which are, maintained well because of its climate. It includes different things such as rubber and cashew, which are favourable to grow on a small scale.

Cellular Jail

Popularly known as kaala paani, amongst Indians, used to be a prison for people who used to revolt against British Empire during British raj. This place shows the tortured trauma, political prisoners used to go through. Not only this, people who were punished to serve kaala paani used to be excluded from their casts and villages. The architecture of this building is completely different from other cells. The building used to have seven wings which were divided in a very clever way to stop any prisoner form running away. The guards used to stand at the intersection of these wings to stop any possible prison breakout.
Nowadays, this place is a National Memorial which honours the memories of political prisoners. It has an art gallery which have photographs of martyrs and political prisoners. One can enjoy sound and light show here daily in both English and Hindi languages.

Do you know?

The Asia’s best beach in 2004 belonged to Andaman’s beach Radha Nagar Beach. The most used language in this Union territory is Bengali. This union territory is the home of world’s biggest sea turtle, Dermocheleys Coriacea. Both of the most famous islands Havelock and Neil are named after East India Company’s officer. Barren island contains India’s only live volcano. The tourism rate of Andaman and Nicobar keeps increasing and has doubled up in last few years. It is mainly because of one of the best vacation destination which have best beaches in India. It has doubled up, in last decade with advancing technology.