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“ To be the global platform of choice for reliable and quality information for all things Indian. ”

Necessity is the mother of invention. For Indians living at home or away from home, and people of other nationalities abroad who want to experience a true Indian lifestyle, we bring you an all new platform that brings India to your home, workplace, and more.


Infoindiadirect.com - Bringing India to your home
It is exactly what it says it is!
Infoindiadirect.com is an e-social site and information sharing platform based out of India.

India is fast becoming the largest economy in the world, and has always been a favorite holiday destination for many. Whether a local resident, an Indian living abroad, or someone that just wants to appreciate what the country has to offer, we aim to bring together a unique experience.
Our values lie in creating a convenient and nostalgic experience for our subscribers, readers and contributors, whether in India or abroad.
We feel that our site is much more than just another information site, but one which allows the community to feel like they are really connected to the country and can gain a real connection with all parts of the country; it’s a unique platform to get in touch with the essence of South Asian culture.
We maintain a whole variety of information to keep our online community engaged and up to date with the latest breaking news, Bollywood gossip, politics, sports and much more. We also provide a constantly updated active blog section.
Our site is YOUR site, and YOU matter to us. Please do leave us your feedback on how we can continue to improve your experience.


Infoindiadirect.com is the ultimate destination for people who want to indulge in and truly immerse in the whole Indian experience.

Initiated in 2016, Infoindiadirect aims to bring authentic and timely information, and knowledge from around India to the international community.

A unique site aimed at uniting individuals of an Indian origin or those that simply have an interest in this amazing country which is evolving into one of the world’s major super powers.

Our focus is to provide what our subscribers are looking for… a single portal for information with an emphasis towards a great user experience, interesting and quality information and a real community feel.

Our work is created by individuals with a common passion for the country, and a team that are connected to what is going on around the country.

Our site and content will continue to be dynamic, not static. We don’t stop evolving; our team will continue to provide you with the most up to date information. Importantly our subscribers are part of our evolution so we will aim to adapt to provide what our readers and subscribers request.


There are more than 50 million overseas Indians and people of Indian origin living around the world. There are even more people who cherish the Indian lifestyle and the culture and beauty the country has to offer from elegant décor, exotic clothing, and rich aromatic food.
Realising that a large demographic community needs to be served in the United States, UK, Europe, Middle East, and other parts of the world, Infoindiadirect was formed by people who have a passion for the country and everything it has to offer to both people within India and also around the globe.
Indians can now feel like being in India while living in a different parts of the world, while people of other nationalities can now leverage on the information the site has to offer to really understand what makes India tick!
What makes us unique is our TEAM!
We are proud of how our team has evolved along with the evolution of our site.
Our team has unique goals and a passion which revolves around serving our readers and subscribers with quality, sought after and interesting information.
The prime ingredients…

  • HUNGER to gain knowledge combined with a NEED share knowledge
  • EXPERIENCE of doing business and travelling in India and abroad
  • Firsthand KNOWLEDGE of India and the demands for information outside India
  • A real PASSION for India
  • DETERMINATION to succeed
  • COMMITTED to achieving the common vision


India has continued to grow as an international superpower and the current government has gone a long way in promoting the country and making visible what we stand for. We have now formed incredible relationships with other countries which we wouldn’t have dreamt about in the past.

We believe we will become the highest populated country in the world and have a community of people outside India that will continue to grow exponentially. Therefore, we are embarking on a mission that we believe is just at the start of a fascinating growth era.