Abhay Deol takes on Bollywood celebrities for promoting fairness creams

Abhay DeolSkin colour matters a lot in our society. Each and every dark shaded people live with insecurity and less self-confident and our society force them to behave like that. India comes at the top in selling Fairness cream which indicates the narrow mentality of our society.

To raise his voice against this fairness cream endorsement, in a series of posts on Facebook, actor Abhay Deol criticized celebrities including, Ileana D’Cruz, Vidya Balan, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra and Shah Rukh Khan. The actor claimed that the brands which the stars vouch for have a racist undertone, which is indirectly true.

Abhay’s remark on this issue was preceded by BJP leader Tarun Vijay’s racist comments on a TV news debate. “If we were racist, why would we have the entire south (India) which is you know, completely Tamil, you know Kerala, you know Karnataka and Andhra? Why do we live with them (if we are racist)? We have blacks, black people around us,” Tarun Vijay had said before apologizing for the statement which sparked a nationwide debate.

Apart from celebrities, Abhay also slammed the particular brands for manufacturing such products.

“WE ARE NOT A RACIST COUNTRY!,” is what Abhay’s first Facebook post read. “I will prove it to you. In the pic below John holds a card with shades from white to dark. Hey! You can see the promise of darker skin too if you read the card from left to right! He’s not telling you to go from right to left! Duh! Even if the writing on the tube reads “Intensive FAIRNESS moisturizer”. It just means its ‘FAIR’ to all who use it,” Abhay wrote.

In a separate post, Abhay explained that such advertisements concentrate on “selling you the idea that whiter skin is better than darker skin.”

Here’s what he wrote:

There’s a lot more of these campaigns that are blatantly, and sometimes subtly, selling you the idea that whiter skin is better than darker skin. No one at the top of their game in any field is going to tell you that it is demeaning, false, and racist.

You have to see that for yourself. You have to stop buying into the idea that a particular shade is better than others. Unfortunately, if you look at matrimonial ads you will see how entrenched in our psyche this belief is. We even use the word ‘dusk’ to describe the colour of someone’s skin!

While an individual may not be able to change this attitude in his/her community, he/she can at least start with the family.