5 Reasons To Visit Navi Mumbai This Summer

Navi MumbaiIf Aamchi Mumbai is not your hometown, chances are you do not really know the difference between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. You might also be wondering probably as to why these two are called as separate cities, and what the specialty is for you to persuade to visit Navi Mumbai. Well all that is about to be changed by the end of this article.

The heavenly and scenic Navi Mumbai is, in fact, located on the opposite side of the creek. You have to walk miles and cross bridges to see the change in perspective from Mumbai city.

So, here’s why to visit Navi Mumbai should be on yours and everyone’s bucket list:

Mumbai is just a drive away.Mumbai is just a drive away

While everyone who has ever lived in Mumbai will agree that once you stayed in Mumbai, no other city feels like home. But sometimes the life in Mumbai gets too fast paced and noisy, so much that you want to move to a quieter version of Mumbai. In this way, you never have to give up on the city of dreams, which is just 30 minutes away.

The Air is clean and Roads are Roomy

In all the muck and fumes of traffic and congestion, Navi Mumbai appears like a breath of fresh air quite literally. As soon as you cross the Vashi bridge and enter into Navi Mumbai, all the muck of traffic drops and the air appears pure. Likewise, the highways are not cramped and you need not worry about the fears of congestion, unlike cities like Delhi or Kolkata.

Perfect Spot for Nature Lovers

Aaah, the green and serene Navi Mumbai hills! These hills such as Kharghar hill, Khandala, Lonavala, and Matheran hills are perfect for trekking as well as a quick getaway with friends and loved ones. Beach lovers will also be not disappointed with places like Alibaug, Murud Janjira, and Kashid located nearby.